"Fabio S." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am experiencing a problem when I use one of these tools, but it is a 
> strange problem and I find some difficulties in explaining it. 
> Nevertheless, let me try....
> If I select the paintbrush and I draw a random curve on my picture, every 
> now and then some of the pixels of the curve are "displaced" either 
> horizontally or vertically. The effect is more visible with a not so small 
> brush (either soft or hard) and when the image is zoomed at least at 1:1
> By itself this is quite annoying but it is not all: the effect is, in 
> fact, an illusion. The line, in reality, is well drawn and I can realize 
> this by the fact that if I zoom in and then out the effect disappears!!!
> Did anybody experienced the same thing? What is the cause? How can I 
> correct this?

This is a known bug which is fixed in later 1.3 releases and if I
remember correctly the fix has been backmerged to version 1.2.5 as

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