Hi!  Has anyone had any problems with gimp 1.2.5 (or 1.2.3 for that
matter) causing Enlightenment DR 0.16.5 to hang?  I was trying to save
an image I created and after clicking the "Ok" button to save the image
as a JPEG after specifying the image quality, etc., I heard a "beep"
(PC speaker) and I could move the mouse but NOT click on anything.
I was able to switch over to virtual console #1 (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and saw a
message indicating an X client had been rejected by the X server.
Unfortunately, I don't have any more diagnostic info than that.  :(

Any ideas on what's going on?  It only seems to happen with
Enlightenment.  WindowMaker and AfterStep both work fine.  Also,
sometimes when running gimp with Enlightenment, some gimp windows will
open OFF of the screen and I won't be able to click on anything again.
For example, take an image that is 800x600 and when I use the guides to
"carve" the picture into pieces (each 100 pixels vertically and each 200
pixels horizontally) and use the "Perl-o-tine" script to perform the
carving, the Perl-o-tine windows will appear and disappear as the script
runs and some of those windows will appear OFF of the viewable part of
the screen and gimp goes off into never-never land.

I'm running on Slackware Linux 8 with 2.4.21 kernel, glbc-2.3.2,
gcc-3.3, glib/gtk+-2.2.2, and XFree86 4.3.0.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  :)

Thanks in advance... :)



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