Jeff Trefftzs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> When you click on the selector button at the right of the font name,
> you will get a dialog box with the six dozen liquor jugs text.
> There you can set the font style, if there are any variants.

This font selector dialog is likely to go away as soon as the font
list/grid and popup widgets are good enough to replace it.

> 2.  Click in the image window.  This will pop up an entry box where
> you can enter your desired text, also selecting left-to-right or
> right-to-left directionality.
> I think 1.3.x puts a whole lot of controls in the tools' own control
> panels.  Once you've opened a single tool control panel, though, it
> will reflect the controls for whatever tool is active.

Yes, with 1.3 you need the tool options even more than you did with
1.2.  That's why the new default session setup has the tool-options
docked below the toolbox.

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