xaos renders it's animations in png format, gimps mpeg encoder can't read 
png format though. all the rendered files are individual (up many 
hundreds) and i want to do post work on them in gimp and put them 
together with other types of animations i have made . 
eventually at some point i'll probably move onto film gimp but at the 
minute gimp can still handle to bits and pieces i'm doing. i need a 
script to convert x amount of png files into a single xcf file, is that 
possible ? also xaos outputs three types of file, png (raw image i think) 
and png.b and png.p, how important are these and do i need them in gimp ?

if i convert some finished animations (bits of) into mpeg fromat (under 
gimp) will i still be able to modify them ?

atm i can only view the png files by doing this command;'mplayer -fs -mf 
"on:fps=5:type=png" "*.png"

which isn't ideal, i would like to work with these files and obvioulsy 
opening them one by one in gimp is considering the amount niegh 

are there any docs/sites where i can look up questions like this ?

thanks :)


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