On Sunday 20 July 2003 10:20, Tom Williams wrote:
> John Culleton wrote:
> > On Friday 18 July 2003 12:17, charkee berekeke wrote:
> > > fellow gimp users,
> > >        Can anyone teach me how to write text
> > > vertically ( top to bottom ) ?
> > >
> > > TIA
> > > charkee
> >
> > do you mean text rotated 90 degrees? Or do
> >  you mean text like
> > T
> > H
> > I
> > S
> >
> > The solution depends on answering the above first :<)
> I would be interested in learning how to write text like
> T
> H
> I
> S
> While, we're on the topic of text,  are there any tutorials on
> making text along an arc?  The "curvebend" filter _almost_ does
> what I want but not quite.
> Thanks...
> Peace...

If that is what you want to do, and you don't need all the other tools 
of Gimp, then Context has a specialized manual that shows how to use 
Metapost to bend text around a circle, follow an s curve and so on. 
The manual is called Metafun and its file name is metafun-p.pdf for 
the print optimized version and metafun-s.pdf for the screen 
optimized verson.

It is a different approach. You put commands in an ascii text file and 
then compile that file to get the picture. Here is a fragment of code 
that prints a string with the characters lying on their side:
 for i=1 upto n:
 pic[i] := pic[i]
   shifted (0,ypart -.5[ulcorner pic[1],llcorner pic[1]]) ;
  endfor ;

...and this is only one of the macros required. 

This is not exactly paint by numbers easy! But graphics seldom is. 
The full set of code to print text around in a circle goes over 20 

However the examples in the manual are extraordinarily clear and it is 
easy to crib an example and substitute your own text or curve 
description or whatever.  

There are also examples for typesetting  text contained within an 
obtuse graphic like a circle, a diamond, a half circle or whatever. 
John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers
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