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charkee berekeke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>      That piece on writing text on a curve is really
> interesting =). I would still like to know if gimp can
> write vertical text, like
> T
> H
> I
> S

It cannot do this. At least not without major hassle like moving the
glyphs around manually. I don't plan to add support for vertical text
until Pango supports it.


One way I've figured out to do this is by using the "Dynamic Text" tool.

Simply choose the text tool from the toolbox, right click on the image and click "Dialogs", then "Tool Options", then make sure "Dynamic Text" is checked.  Then with the text tool selected, create a new transparent layer (always a good thing to do), and click on the image and the dynamic text tool dialog should open.  Choose your font, font size, and metric (points, pixels, etc).

Then type the first letter and then press "Enter" then type the second letter and press "Enter", etc..

Then when done, click "Apply" and the text should appear vertically as a floating selection that you can then choose the "move tool" to move around to the final location and then anchor.

At least that's worked for me.... :)



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