the Camp is getting closer and we are going into details of GimpTent
preparations. I thought I should let you know what is happening here
so that you know what you are missing if you don't attend.

As a short summary in case you don't know yet, the Chaos Communication
Camp is an international open-air hacker gathering. It takes place
August 7th to 10th on a field near Berlin, Old Europe:


The GIMP and GEGL developers will be present with a large tent. The
tent will host the GIMP Developers Conference but it will also provide
a number of public workstations where people can use The GIMP. Users
can share their experiences, give tips, watch other users work with
The GIMP and talk to developers about their needs.

The GimpTent will be located in the Art & Beauty Village close to the
tent of a group of VJs which have already expressed their interest in
talking the GIMP developers into improving video editing
capabilities. I expect some interesting ideas to come out of this.


We will try to make the GimpTent a nice place for everyone interested
in GIMP and graphics in general. Everyone is invited to participate.
If you want to bring your hardware, you are welcome, but please let us
know beforehand so that we can try to provide a nice place for you to
set it up.

If you have any ideas, suggestions and/or questions, please have a
look at the Wiki pages or just mail me (or preferably the list).


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