I am working on a python-fu script to add crop and register printing 
marks to the GIMP images.

Not pratical - it have to be run manually before printing, and the 
marks have to be cropped out if one is going to scale the image 
further afterwards (last the cropmarks get out of proportion).

There are some finishing touches I'd like to insert before puutting a 
definitive version online somewere.

However, I remeber I had read someone aking for such a plugina  while 
ago - I do not remember if here or on Usenet. I f one is in NEED for 
that, the script is already usable, and I'd invite the itnerested 
parties to contact me in order for they to test the marks I am adding 
- and startin using it themselves.

Needs gimp python, and is working in gimp 1.2.x  .


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