>> I recently tryed The Gimp 1.3.16 and loved that the new interface.  I've
>> started using this version for my everyday needs in graphics manipulation.
>> But I have a problem with this version, my Wacom Graphire 2 tablet is
>> not detected...
>> I've seen that the Input device Dialog as been moved in the preferences
>> but when I try to "Configure Input Devices" it always say "No Input
>> Devices".
>> Does the tablet support has been disabled in 1.3.16 ?

No, but most probably you did not compile gtk+-2.2 with xinput
support. You need to pass --with-xinput=xfree to the gtk+ configure
script. You always needed to do that, even with gtk+-1.x. Please make
also sure that you use at least gtk+ version 2.2.2 since earlier
version have buggy xinput support.

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