pascalou <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Same for me with : Mandrake cooker version = gimp1_3-1.3.16-3mdk
> if scanners are intended as an imput device ? 

No, scanners are handled completely from tablets.

> I cannot find it
> I try to work around with new xsane ...
> no success.

As far as I know xsane hasn't been ported to gimp-1.3 yet. But I heard
that xscanimage from the sane package works with 1.3. It's not as
comfortable as xsane but it should at least allow you to use the

> anyway : nice interface and tools a small difficulty for me with the
> tool "color rotation" it seem to have some times bad arrow's refresh.

Could you file a bug-report for this problem with detailed
instructions on how to reproduce it?


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