While there is possibly no pluign to make this automatically - i.e. finding parts of one image that matches in the other image, the GIMP interface gives you the possiblity to make this in a pretty straightforward way:

1- open the images you want to join; 2 - create a new image, with a large enough size to handle the image syou want to put together. 3 - drag each image, picking it's thumbnail on the layers dialog box to the newly created image - they will show up as independet layers there; 4 - drag the images around on the larger image. Give them some transparency while draging to make parts of the images match with others bellow them.

Robin Gilks wrote:

Take your pick of the flavour of plugin from the above - whatever its
called I can't find any basic instruction on how to use it with the gimp.

Is there a really simple starter documented somewhere that doesn't
immediately wander off into the Windows PhotoShop version of the plugin
and actually has stuff in it that relates to the gimp?

All I want to do is quickly and simply stick a few pix together with a bit
more style than printing and then using Sellotape :-))

A tutorial that doesn't launch straight into the positioning of
controlpoints would be really good - can't find them documented anywhere

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