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Mukund wrote:

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 02:27:19PM +0200, David Neary wrote:
| The GIMP's png support is limited somewhat by its core support
| for indexed images - you can have one index entry completely
| transparent, but partial transparency (which is supported by png)
| is not supported for indexed images in the gimp.

Dave, does IE support the alpha channel with indexed PNG images?
I would also like to know about the differences between IE/Win and
IE/Mac w.r.t this feature.

No, that's a big bad for IE. They support RGB pngs, but not RGBA, and they support Indexed PNGs with GIF style transparency, but not multiple palette entries with different alpha values. I'm afraid I know nothing about IE/Mac. I have never been a mac user.

For example images to test IE against this, have a look at this
enhancement request...


internet explorer dropped support for mac, iirc.  w3c bloggers
dropped support for ie.  i dropped support (temporarily) for

if we drop support for broken browsers ie, any of them, and
write things that should work, we could use png and show them
how to add a gradient via css to a transparent background.
some of the w3c cssers might already be doing this.

i am so sick of answering issues for other people.  gimp follows
standards.  maybe gimp should start making them.  no better app
to grab the color to send to the background information in the
css of any format.

anxious to never read about browser issues again in south lyon,

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