I've been working on getting a perl batch script written for gimp that will 
take the contents of a directory, pull out all of the pictures of a certain 
type and run some type of filter on them.  So far everything works ok, until I 
try to loop the execution.  here is the part that I'm having problems with:

for my $filename (@filelist) {
    $img = gimp_image_load($filename,$filename);
    $drw = gimp_image_active_drawable($img);

This is the basic operations that I'm doing.  For some reason on the second 
run of the loop, I start getting warnings like:

Subroutine Gimp::gimp_file_load redefined at /(path to Gimp.pm/Gimp.pm on line 

The exectution will finish and the everything will come out as expected, 
however these warnings keep showing up.  I've tried the trace mechanism and it 
crashes after the gimp_image_load statement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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