Nick Wilson wrote:

Hi all,

I've been trying to get freefont and sharefont to show up in gimp
1.3.17 and try as I might, I have to conceed defeat.

Is there a plugin or some other way to get extra fonts into gimp?

many thanks...

I was trying to talk someone into grabbing some of the good old font software from gimps past. This ircer was interested in a treeview listing of available fonts.

I suggested using the way that the original texttool (gimp-1.0)got the font information and the configuration button from the gimp-freetype
plugin (gimp-1.2, gimp-freetype-0.2) and anything else that used to work
like the line breaks in dynamic type and hook it all up to gimp-1.3 with

I don't know how far I got with this request, however.

In the meantime, hopefully fontconfig will work one day. or whatever font thing we are using now.


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