I have a .tif file in GIMP.  I select the image (right click, select, all) and then I 
copy it to the clipboard (right click, edit, copy).  In Microsoft Word, I paste the 
image (edit, paste).  The previous contents of the clipboard gets copied, not the 
image.  This is a recent problem - in the past I was able to do the above.  I can copy 
from GIMP to GIMP, I can copy from Paint to Word, I can acquire a selected image from 
Paint into GIMP, and I can copy from Word to Word.  This seems to confirm to me that 
the clipboard mechanism in my Windows installation seems to be working.  Have any 
users encountered issues with copying to Windows?  Should I handle this as a GIMP 
problem, or should I be contacting Microsoft for support of Windows?
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