[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-16 at 1317.19 -0700):
>   I am trying to texture ( for game development) a heightfield that I 
> made in terraform [ can only export like tga or png for gimp]( 3d) and 
> load into gimp.  I can load it into gimp but its greyscale and only 2d 
> which isn't going to help me with texturing 3d objects on the 
> terrain..any ideas?

It varies with the kind of final use you need. You do not specify
which game or how does it work, so all I can give you is some general

If your game can project the texture from the top, you can use the 2d
top view terraform renders as a template. This way is more frequent in
3D apps, not games, and only works with nearly flat surfaces (it is
called planar mapping), otherwise you get visible distortions. To get
an idea, check the first cube that has a beach image in

If your game requires UV mapping, then you will have to find an UV
tool. This tool will get the 3D mesh and create an unwrapped image
that you can paint. It will look like those paper scale kits, that you
cut, bend and glue to create 3D shapes. Look at the following tool
http://www.unwrap3d.com/tutorial_unwrap.html or 3dsmax tutorial
(starting in step "mapping the chest").

You do not specify the level of detail you need either. If the surface
is far away, a rough and small texture is fine. If the players will
walk over the surface, the right way would be to define groups of
polygons and apply tileable textures, cos a big texture will be

All GIMP can do is help you paint things, but you must have a 2d
reference in some way. There was an add on to help with Quake models,
but I have not heard about it in a long time. You will probably have
better luck checking sites and lists of people dedicated to game mods.

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