Hi all,

After much struggle, I am finally subscribed to the list (could someone 
check on mailman, I think it's acting up).

In any event, I am a (somewhat) experienced GIMP user who is currently 
forced to use a Solaris box with no GIMP.

This is a "pristine" system, with no glibs, no gtk+, nothing.  I do have 
GNU tools though.  I was wondering how stable 1.3 is right now.  Is it 
good enough for daily use?

Whichevery version I install will take some work because I'll have to 
start building from glib upwards.  So I don't want to install both if I 
can avoid it.  If 1.3 is stable enough for daily use, I'll take it.  I 
figure that, since that's the way GIMP is going, I might as well.

Thanks for the help!
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