Paths are merely taking an extra step for me lately. I put my points on the image, they don't "connect" the way they did in the other gimps, but you can accomplish all of that in the paths dialog. And who is to say that all of that "clicking" instant crap was worth it for what the new gimp gives you. Sort of nice to use the dialog that is so much more powerful, even if only to review all that it can do.

Also, I like that quickmask has been somewhat hidden. I tend to get sloppy with it, so i appreciate the extra time it takes me to get to it so I can review if I really want to go that route or not (there was a time that this was the only way to convert paths to selections). So better for me to dig for quickmmmask i guess.

All I need now is guash, image mosaic and a nice place to see everyones
new sweet plugins.


Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:

IMHO 1.3.18 is fine enough --unless you use Paths and Bezier Curves --. This tool is not quite ready.

If you do not use them so oftenly, 1.3.18 is worth it, if not for anything else just for the "space bar temporarily changes to move tool" feature. That's a killer.

On Sunday 17 August 2003 3:13 pm, Daniel Carrera wrote:

Hi all,

After much struggle, I am finally subscribed to the list (could
someone check on mailman, I think it's acting up).

In any event, I am a (somewhat) experienced GIMP user who is
currently forced to use a Solaris box with no GIMP.

This is a "pristine" system, with no glibs, no gtk+, nothing.  I do
have GNU tools though.  I was wondering how stable 1.3 is right
now.  Is it good enough for daily use?

Whichevery version I install will take some work because I'll have
to start building from glib upwards.  So I don't want to install
both if I can avoid it.  If 1.3 is stable enough for daily use,
I'll take it.  I figure that, since that's the way GIMP is going, I
might as well.

Thanks for the help!

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