Hi all,

I have a Mac-using friend who is having difficulties with Photoshop which I 
think Gimp might solve.

He is pretty new to web-design and is struggling with image maps, and I know 
that GIMP has a very cool image-map feature.  I was hoping I could get him 
hooked up with Gimp. :)

Now, this is a very non-technical guy.  I am an experienced Unix/Linux user, 
I have hardly ever touched a Mac.  Also, I don't have much time to help him 
in-person because we live some distance appart.  Most of what I can offer 
him is email help.

Now my questions:

* How hard is it to install Gimp on Mac?

* Is there a free (as in beer) version?  If my choices are to compile from 
source, or pay for the version at macgimp.org, I'll pay.  But is there 
another option?

I want an honest opinion on MacGimp.  Is it usable?  By that I mean 

I just don't want to give him something that's just going to make his life 
more difficult.

Thank you for your help.
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