I don't know of a easy way of doing this, so I guess that's why I am

I used a digital camera that can give me output @ 1600x1200, an aspect
ratio of 1.33:1. As we all pretty much know, standard photo prints most
commonly come in 6"x4", 1.33:1, or 7"x5", 1.67:1, 10"x8", 1.25:1.

Is there a way of accurately cropping a print to a desired aspect
ratio. For example, I have a 1600x1200 shot that has some stuff that I
could loose, but still be left with a image good for an OK 7"x5". If I
just resize it to an appropriate aspect ratio, I still get the junk.

What I'm looking for is some kind of 'selection box', or a selectable
aspect ratio, standard or not, that is also resizable that will enable
me to select a portion of an image and get rid of the rest.

Is there an easy way?

Hope this makes sense to someone.

Thanks in advance,


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