I take a lot of IR photography and use Gimp to post-process the images.

The best way I've found to post process them is to do the following:

Decompose the image, recompose matching Red with Blue, Green Green, Blue with Red,
then autolevels.  This usually is a nice result, makes the skies more blue and
other (light, false) colours look nicer.

There might be an easier way to switch the colors than decompose/compose, but I
know that works.

I'd love to have a script-fu to do this, and it's proabaly rather simple to do,
I just don't have a clue where to start.  I've poked around in some of the
script-fu that come with Gimp, looked at some on web pages, etc.. but trying
stuff in the script-fu console I just get errors.

Anyone push me off in the right direction here?

Much appreciated.
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