Hi all,

Here is a roadmap with some meat on it (solid dates for
milestones and other stuff) - it's pretty aggressive,
particularly with respect to a 2.2 release next year. 

I think experience has shown us that we will probably have a 2 to
3 month pre-release cycle where we only concentrate on bug fixing
so for a 2.2.0 release to be sane for next Summer we need to
think about going into pre-release mode in March or April, which
means avoiding feature seapage around January and February, which
means knowing what's going into 2.2.0 more or less straight after
the 2.0 release :)

Some things need fleshing out - for instance, I'm not completely
clear on the outstanding features to be implemented in the text
tool before 2.0, or about the exact libgimp api changes that have
been foreseen. Likewise, the recent thread on gimp-help-2 only
served to confuse what little grasp I had on what was required
before a release with respect to the help structure. It would be
nice for people who know a little bit more about these things to
address them specifically. 

Also, it would be nice to have this marked up for the website, and 
I'm not sure I will have the time to do that in the near future.
A volunteer to do that very small task would be appreciated :)
Preferably using the stylesheets from mmaybe or developer.g.o.

You probably see that I had anticipated doing a release tomorrow
(as anticipated at camp) as a prelude to a bug week... I just had
a look, and make distcheck just failed on me in the po files, so
I'm going to need to look more closely at that, and might not
have a release until Wednesday or Thursday. I will keep track of
the actual dates stuff gets done by as well :)

Anyway, comments are welcome. Is any of this unreasonable?


Roadmap for GIMP development:

Aug 6-10 2003: CCC

Aug 10th: 1.3.18 release

Aug 26th: 1.3.19 release

Sept 1st to Sept 8th: Bug week

Sept 27th: 2.0 pre1

Blockers for 2.0 prereleases:

Path tool features missing:

1) moving of strokes/paths, 
2) being able to connect two strokes, 
3) dragging on curve segments, 
4) libart stroking, 
5) im/export into files.

Text tool features missing:

Help browser features missing:

libgimp API changes missing:

Oct 18: 2.0 pre2

Nov 1: 2.0 pre3 (Halloween release)

Nov 22: 2.0 pre4 (possibly 2.0 final)

Around Dec 10th: 2.0.0

Jan 15th 2004: Final feature list for inclusion in 2.2.0

March 2004: Feature freeze

June/July 2004: 2.2.0 (just before GIMPCon)

August 2004: The Great Pain - the GeGL migration.

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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