On Sat August 30 2003 12:06 pm, Walter Francis wrote:

> I also run auto levels on the images when I'm done, but so far it looks
> like this is not possible from Script-fu.  Any updates on there?

I submitted a bug report (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=119233) 
and a patch to add a PDB entry for auto levels.  If you don't mind applying 
the patch and building the GIMP yourself, you should be able to get auto 
levels to work from your script.  The patch is at:


Apply the patch to tools/pdbgen/pdb/color.pdb, then do the typical configure, 
make, make install process, taking care to add the "--with-pdbgen" option to 
the configure command line so the PDB code will be updated.

If you're not comfortable with patching and building, you'll probably have to 
wait until the patch gets applied by the developers.  If you use Debian, drop 
me a line and I'll send you patched versions of the Sid .deb files.

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