[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-30 at 1406.58 -0400):
> I also run auto levels on the images when I'm done, but so far it looks like this
> is not possible from Script-fu.  Any updates on there?  At least now I just push
> two buttons instead of decompose, compose, pick images, etc.  

Always use the DB browser to search for things while coding, it is a
great help. You can find other interesting filters there, but I think
none is exactly what autolevels does. You could even try to do
something with histogram, but that would mean some kind of long loop
to analysis all the data.

If unable to find something that solves your problem, you should fill
a bug, asking for an enhancement ("levels should register a PDB call
for auto mode" or whichever useful description you can give).
> (set! new-image-red (car (plug-in-decompose 1 inImage inLayer "Red")))
> (set! new-image-green (car (plug-in-decompose 1 inImage inLayer "Green")))
> (set! new-image-blue (car (plug-in-decompose 1 inImage inLayer "Blue")))

Why not call only one time and work with the list? car gives you the
first element, but you can use cadr for the second, and caddr for the
third. Try typing (caddr '(1 2 3 4)) and (cadr '(1 2 3 4)) in the
Script Fu console to experiment (btw, arrow keys let you edit old

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