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        What turned be off about CinePaint was how unstable it was. Maybe this is just a factor in the windows version. But I have never had any problems with stability win Gimp under Linux at least.


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> All I can say is that this application (now called cine-paint) is
> based on film-gimp which was forked from GIMP around version
> 1.0. GIMP-1.0 is a piece of code from the stone age.

CinePaint. It branched from GIMP 1.0.4 in 1998.

> In my opinion
> it is a shame that some good hackers are wasting their time on this
> codebase.

Although none of our developers are hackers, nice to hear you think highly
of some of us.

What bothered you and other GIMP developers so much about Film Gimp that in
2000 you unexpectedly discarded three man-years of your own work funded at
substantial expense by the motion picture industry?

In 1998 Film Gimp was an official development branch of GIMP CVS, much like
GEGL is today. Some expected Film Gimp to become GIMP 2.0 in 2000. Three
man-years of funded development (that was not incorporated into GIMP) went
into Film Gimp before GIMP ceased work on it in 2000. Programmers who helped
build and then kill Film Gimp are leading GIMP/GEGL today. I didn't become
involved in Film Gimp until 2002.

There's no discussion in the GIMP mailing list archives regarding the
leading up to that big decision in 2000, in fact, very little public
of any kind regarding Film Gimp that I can find. Why is that?


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