Eric Pierce wrote:
> Forgive my naivety, but what would be a good way to plunge into some Gimp
> code and maybe even help out someday?

We need lots of people, for everything from bug fixing to plug-in
maintenance, and core development. Plug-ins are smaller, so
getting into those is somewhat easier than attacking the core,
although since it's been re-structured, the core is nicely
objectified and readable too (except for a couple of places).

Some information on getting started is here...

and a page I wrote for the wiki, which I hope will eventually
make its way onto the website, is here:

This also contains lots of information on how non-programmer
types can wet their feet and help out with the website, bugzilla,
testing, documentation and general helping out & support.

For more developer type profiles, you could look here...


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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