Eric Pierce wrote:
Thanks both of you for the links.

Damn... I'm intimidated to say the least.  Looks like I've got some
reading ahead of me.

Do not be.

You don't actually HAVE to go through it all to code for the GIMP.
Just browse the code...when you come accorss something you can figure out how to make better, or get an idea of a new feature, try to code it in ...If it compiles and works, them submit it as a feature request to bugzilla.

By this time however, you better have read the "coding guidelines" about identations and such.

This is what I had made myself. Unfortunattely I am without the time I would like to spend on the GIMP, but I have set my goals to the 2.2 release. (I am translating the .po file into my language in the meantime)


Ta ta, Eric Pierce

Eric Pierce wrote:

Forgive my naivety, but what would be a good way to plunge into some
code and maybe even help out someday?

We need lots of people, for everything from bug fixing to plug-in maintenance, and core development. Plug-ins are smaller, so getting into those is somewhat easier than attacking the core, although since it's been re-structured, the core is nicely objectified and readable too (except for a couple of places).

Some information on getting started is here...

and a page I wrote for the wiki, which I hope will eventually
make its way onto the website, is here:

This also contains lots of information on how non-programmer
types can wet their feet and help out with the website, bugzilla,
testing, documentation and general helping out & support.

For more developer type profiles, you could look here...


      David Neary,
      Lyon, France
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