Piotr Legiecki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1)  Levels dialog - *linear* histogram as in histogram tool.

I've done some changes and the histogram scale is now part of the
tool-options of all tools that use a histogram. This means you can
choose between linear and logorithmic in all those tools and the
setting is remembered across sessions.

What I am unsure about (and that's why I added the user list to the
Cc:) is whether we should change the default histogram scale to
linear. I know that you, Piotr, will vote for this change but I would
like to get a second opinion. This perhaps also depends on what other
apps do and since I don't have much experience with other
applications, I am asking here. To illustrate the question, I made two


Both options are available; the question is just which should be the
default? We could even have different defaults for histogram, levels
and threshold tool but I think that would go too far...

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