for those of you who want to follow the discussion about improvements
to the Levels and Curves tools, here's a list of relevant bug reports
with some comments. I'm adding the user list to the Cc: since feedback
from users would be very helpful at this.

 Improve color pickers in Levels tool

 I would very much appreciate some feedback on this. The bug report is
 suggesting that the current behaviour of the gray point picker is
 incorrect. I tend to agree with this argument but I would like to
 hear other people's opinions on this.

 Curves dialog

 I don't understand what this report is talking about but perhaps one
 of you can enlighten us?

 Linear histogram in Levels tool

 This one has been addressed in the meantime.

 Improve Histogram with Luminance Channel

 A luminance channel (is that the correct term at all?) would indeed
 be a useful addition. Adding it to the Histogram means adding it to
 the Levels and Curves tools as well. This could be a rather trivial
 change but it might also turn out to be a lot more complicated then
 it seems. I am not entirely sure how much code depends on details of
 the GimpHistogramChannel enum.

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