I got around to building the latest Gimp CVS last night and was playing
around with it. This was the first time in about six weeks I had
rebuilt, so a few things had changed.

One of the obvious changes was that the new layers dialog wanted to
always be on top (I had nuked all my previous gimp preferences and
stuff, so what I was seeing was more or less the "default" behaviour).
On something like my latop where 1024x768 is the highest resolution it
works at, losing one quarter of the screen space to a non-resizable
(width-wise) dialog box is a pretty big penalty. Even on my desktop (a
little larger, but stil a 17" monitor, so it's only 1280x1024 or
whatever), this is a bit of a nuisance.

Now, it may be that there is some side-effect going on here, since I was
building against CVS versions of everything (GTK+, metacity, etc). I
could not see which window hint was keeping it on top, so maybe this is
not an intentional effect.

Is this intentional? Is it desirable? Is it set in stone?

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