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> One of the obvious changes was that the new layers dialog wanted to
> always be on top (I had nuked all my previous gimp preferences and
> stuff, so what I was seeing was more or less the "default"
> behaviour).  On something like my latop where 1024x768 is the
> highest resolution it works at, losing one quarter of the screen
> space to a non-resizable (width-wise) dialog box is a pretty big
> penalty. Even on my desktop (a little larger, but stil a 17"
> monitor, so it's only 1280x1024 or whatever), this is a bit of a
> nuisance.
> Now, it may be that there is some side-effect going on here, since I
> was building against CVS versions of everything (GTK+, metacity,
> etc). I could not see which window hint was keeping it on top, so
> maybe this is not an intentional effect.
> Is this intentional? Is it desirable? Is it set in stone?

No, this is a bug in metacity. GIMP doesn't ask the window manager to
keep the dock windows on top. All we do is to set a window type hint
of "utility window". This seems to be the closest match from the types
specified in the window manager spec. Metacity has its own
interpretation how this type should be implemented. Details are in


Unfortunately the metacity developers seem unwilling to fix this. If
all else fails, we will have to make the window type hint optional.


BTW: Take a look at the gtkrc file that is installed into your
     personal gimp directory (~/.gimp-1.3). If you uncomment the line
     that says class "GtkWidget" style "gimp-small-style", you get a
     more compact GIMP user interface.

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