"Eric Pierce" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> #1 If I have 2 or more linked layers and I use the move tool to try
> to move all the layers (with mouse or arrow keys), only the
> currently selected layer moves as opposed to all the linked layers.
> In Gimp 1.2.x, all linked layers move together when moved.

In GIMP-1.3 all linked layers move together if the layer you are
moving is linked as well.

> #2 In Gimp 1.2.x, an asterisk appears next to the file name in the
> title bar when changes have been made to an image.  I don't see an
> asterisk in 1.3.  Not a real biggie.  Was it left out on purpose?
> Or am I missing a preference setting somewhere?

You are missing a Preference setting. See "Image Windows->Title and
Status" and check what the gimprc-1.3 manpage says.

> #3 With an image open, do View->Info Window.  Don't close the Info
> Window.  Now click on the image to give it focus and do View->Info
> Window again.  The Info Window doesn't raise above the image.
> Shouldn't it come to the top and receive focus?

Yes indeed. Please file a bug report for this. But the the info window
as is is supposed to be replaced in the short term anyway...

> #4 This next one I've only seen on 1.3.22 under Windows.  In
> fullscreen mode, I see no indication of a selected area (ie., no
> marching ants) when I make a selection.  Note: I did pump up the ant
> marching speed to 75.  I'll have to reset that and see what happens
> tomorrow at work.

Again, you missed a Preference setting. Fullscreen mode is now fully
configurable and the default setup is to have the fullscreen view show
the image w/o any layer or selection boundaries. (Is anyone actually
reading what I write into the NEWS file??).


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