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Jacob Meuser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I'm trying to build gimp-1.3.22 within OpenBSD's ports framework.
It does a "fake install" and then builds a package from the "fake
install root".  I'm having a problem with libtool relinking
libgimpmodule, and looking for libgimpbase in /usr/local instead
of the "fake install root".

AFAIK libtool does always relink the libraries at installation. I don't think there's a way around this but I might be wrong.

I don't think his problem is with relinking, per say. The problem is that he is "faking" and install by changing (I believe) the INSTALL_ROOT make variable. This is done to compare the installed files with the in place versions. The problem being encountered, I think, is that libtool is looking for libgimpbase in /usr/local instead of the fake install location (something like /var/tmp/ports/<package_name>/install/usr/local).

I still have no idea why this problem would show up, as I thought libtool knew how to handle fake installs.

-- Dan

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