here's an easy task for a potential contributor: At the moment a few
of the brushes (and perhaps other data files as well) that we
distribute with the GIMP tarball, have the same name. An example are
the three "Pencil Sketch" brushes which should probably have the pixel
size added to their names.

GIMP takes care of duplicate names and adds #n to the name so that
every brush has a unique name. It would of course be a lot better if
we wouldn't distribute files with duplicate names. So if someone wants
to contribute but hesitated to do so because of lack of coding skills,
here's a job that doesn't require any. All you need to do is to
identify duplicates, open the respective files and save them with
unique names. Then send me a tarball of the files that needed to be
changed. Please let the list know if you are interested so we avoid
multiple people working on this at the same time.


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