On 11/30/03 19:39 Daniel Carrera spoke thusly<br>
My first guess would be that KSnapshot made an indexed image and GIMP and ImageMagick are saving it as RGB. That shouldn't happen though.

Check the compression level.

It could just be that KSnapshot is better at making PNGs. But I would be surprised because GIMP and ImageMagick are both very good.


On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 06:10:50PM -0500, Bob Lockie wrote:

I have a screen capture that I did with KSnapshot that is 34108 bytes.
I shrunk it down with gimp (and ImageMagick) and it got a lot larger (78875 byte).

Does anyone know what could be happening to make smaller images larger?
I did some screen captures for a manual I am writing but I want to make the file sizes smaller.

GIMP version 1.2.5

KSnapshot: 34 108 bytes, 585x385, 24bbp, RGB, deflate. Gimp: 78 896 bytes, 400x263, 24bbp, RGB, deflate, compression 9.

There are no options in KSnapshot so I don't know what the compression level is (can it be higher than the highest in Gimp=9?).
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