Adding a few more details to Sven's description regarding cropping - 

Using gimp1.3 (highly recommended IMHO), 
Select the Rect-Select tool, 
change "Free Select" to "Fixed Aspect Ratio"
Enter an aspect ratio (I use 50 and 70 for a 5x7 print, or 35 and 50 for 
Select the part of the image you want
Adjust the selection using ALT-left click (SHIFT-ALT may work better if your
       window manager binds ALT to moving the whole window).
Now you're ready to crop - I just discovered there are at least two ways of 
doing this.

A. Tools->Transform Tools->Crop and Resize  (or Shift-C)
    Do a small crop selection (doesn't matter what you select,
    Then choose "From Selection", followed by Crop.
B. Image->Crop Image
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