On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 05:07:34PM -0800, Tom Williams wrote:
> Hi!  Ok, I'm using Gimp 1.3.23 on Linux.  I've got a JPEG taken by a 
> digital camera at 1892x1992 (pixels) resolution.  The "Print Size & 
> Display Unit" info is:
> Width: 26.278 in
> Height: 27.667 in
> Resolution X: 72.000  px/in
>           Y: 72.000  px/in
> So, I take this to mean the image is 72dpi and could be printed to a 
> size of 26" x 27".

Correct. Though being nitpicky, the correct term is ppi (pixels per

> Now, I want to print this image as a 5x7 image so I change the "Height" 
> setting in the "Print Size & Display Unit" section to 7 and the width 
> changs to 6.649, leaving the units in inches.  The resolution then 
> changes to 284.554 px/in.  So I take this to mean the image now is the 
> size of 6.65 inches wide and 7 inches high at 284.55 dpi.  Is this 
> correct?  If I click "Ok", will I now have an image which is 6.65x7 in 
> size instead of the 26x27 I started with?

Yes. It won't actually change, but the amount of dots (or pixels, more
accurately) per inch will be higher, resulting in a smaller image on paper.

> If I then printed this image, would it print as a 6.65x7 image?

It should. It can vary slightly depending on the printer, but it should
generally work out.

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