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On Wednesday 24 December 2003 00:55, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> > Actually, changing the resolution like you did for printing from
> > the GIMP itself has little effect.
> It has an effect. It changes what the print plug-in assumes as the
> original size of the image. It thus changes the behaviour of the
> button labelled "Use Original Size".

Which, if I recall right, won't print anything larger than a single 
sheet on the printer. (with options for tiling or trimming the 

> > The interface to printing in GIMP is badly needing to be
> > rewritten, and it will ask you the size/resolution of the output
> > when you go to the print dialog.
> I agree that the print plug-in could need some work. However I
> believe that before someone start to work on this, we should make
> the switch to a newer version of libgimp-print.

I did not mean that it should be rushed in right now. I think both 
moves can be taken in early 2.1,  can't they?

Actually, after I wrote the parent e-mail, I was hit with what might 
be a good, easily implementable, idea: That would be to make the 
printing plugin to automatically create an image parasite with the 
last printing options to a given image - regardless of these 
optionsbeing saved as gimp-wde defaults. That way, without changing a 
single bit in how XCF images are saved, the printing options for each 
image could be preserved.

Is that feasible? (again, I am talking of 2.1, or, 2.0.1 if it is as 
simple as it seems)

> Sven



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