Brent Garber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Got this one the other day:
> http://www.remnetworks.org/~ovrlrdq/error.jpg
> Dunno if it's a gimp error message or a GTK error . . but the
> description of the error was a bit amusing. And yes my screen looked
> exactly like that.

I fail to see what's funny about this. It seems you are trying to run
GIMP on an 8bit display. While this is supposed to work somehow, it is
certainly not recommended. Using an image manipulation program on a
screen that offers only 256 colors doesn't make much sense. If you
have a compelling reason not to switch to a higher color depth, you
could try setting the "install-colormap" property in your gimprc or
fiddle with "min-colors". However I am not sure though how well this
is supported on win32. Since nowadays all graphics cards can do
better, support for 8bit displays is not considered important.

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