On Jan 16, 2004, at 10:13 AM, Thomas Spuhler wrote:

In one of the recent reviews of the upcoming Gimp 2 it has been
advertised that it will fully support CMYK.

(Which recent review?)
yes, this has been an irritating problem. Some time ago (3 years) it was decided that the gimp would need to go though some major changes to add things like CMYK. It was thought, then, that CMYK would be added and that version would be called 2.0. Things have changed since then. CMYK is still planned, but not in version 2.0.

There was actually a statement in the review like, if you have problems
with the Photoshop license throw it away and use The Gimp. Or why spend
$600 if you can use the Gimp and open these Photoshop files and edit

Well, there are some things in psd files that the gimp clearly doesn't support yet. So if you have lots of work in psd's getting rid of photoshop might be a bit hasty.

We have heard from this mailing list that this is not the case.
What is the reason that CMYK does not make it into Gimp. Is it very
difficult to program or is there a patent issue? Lot's of other budget
priced (Windows and Linux) graphic programs do not have it built in

No, there is no patent issue that we know of. It is just that doing it right takes either a lot of time, or a lot of money. We don't have the latter, so the former is the answer.

The answer is the CYMK support and a lot of other features are a direct focus for some of us. Just when we finally do it, it will be the best way we know how. We are well on our way to this goal.


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