Hi Sabine

> 1st problem:
> I have a *.gif file with white background and black and red graphics on 
> it. Now I need a transparent background to be able to adapt this graphic
> to any webpage as backgrounds will have changing colours.
> Could you please tell me how to reach this? Is there an online-resource 
> somewhere?

First you have to add an alpha channel (RMB --> Layers --> Transparency --> Add Alpha 
Channel). Then you can select the white background with either "Select by color" 
(Shift+O) or with the "magic wand" (is this the right word in english...? in german it 
is "Zauberstab") (Z). Then you just need to cut out the selection an it will be 
transparent. Save it as xcf, png, tga, gif or any other file that can handle 

> 2nd problem:
> I have a *.gif file (banner) with basic colour - let's say red, but it 
> is not a unique red - it is already some kind of texture, marble or
> similar. Now I need to change colour shade - let's say from red to blue
> - is there a way to do this?

The easiest way is to change the "Hue" of the red part of the image. Do this by 
selecting RMB --> Layer --> Colors --> Hue and Saturation.

Hope, this helps...

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