Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:


thanks, my error was not to read the link to working packages in fedora.

However: lcms is proving to be a problem, compiled and installed, no errors noticed by me, but not found.
is this a PATH issue, not so hot on this aspect?

can you please advise me how to add path if that is what's missing, if not what else might it be?

The test we do for littlecms is very simple - we #include a header file from the distribution, and try to use a function defined in it, then compile & link the binary against the lcms library.

The possible errors are therefore (1) the header is not found, (2) the symbol is not found in the header, (3) the library is not found and (4) the symbol is not found in the library.

Of the 4, the likely problem is that the library is not being found - there is a search path for dynamic libraries specified in the file /etc/, and if you add /usr/loocal/lib (or wherever is installed) to this file, and run ldconfig as root, your problem will probably be solved.


Dave Neary

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