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> i work with net art and i want to make a work that will have to:
> a) read a PSD (Photoshop) file (or XCF, the GIMP format), uploaded by user;
> b) see how many layers the file has;
> c) generate a PNG file for each layer;
> d) generate an URL for each PNG. These PNGs will be used as textures
> in VRML. So, they will have to be accessible onlie.
> I made some research in Google today, and I guess there are two
> alternatives:
> a) use Perl + Gimp. I haven't found much information about that, but
> is seems is possible use GIMP to generate images for WWW, using Perl
> script. Do you have more information about how to do it?
> b) use the PHP extension for imagemagick and open the PSD file and
> generate the PNGs with it. Can it be done?
> c) if you have some other idea, please, tell me.

You could also use Script-Fu. Check out flamingtext.com, afaik it is
using Script-Fu.

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