"Timothy E. Jedlicka - wrk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm having trouble with Scissors (Select Shape from Image) in
> Pre2.0.  Sometimes I can close the selection with a shift-click on
> the beginning point, then click in the middle of the outline and I
> get the marching ants. But other times I try to Shift-click to close
> the path(?) then click in the middle, and it draws another segment
> instead of turning my outline into a selection. What am I doing
> wrong? Is there a way to consistently close a scissor path and turn
> it into the selection?

You don't need to Shift-Click, a simple click in the right spot does
the trick. Then, watch the cursor. If you managed to close the shape,
the cursor will not show a + sign if inside the shape and the
forbidden sign when outside the shape.

Yes, I admit this could be improves. Patches to improve iscissors
are of course very much welcomed.


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