On Sun, 2004-02-15 at 08:52, Adam Gautier wrote:
> I have a newbie question; so please be forgiving with
> my terminology.  I want to take a color image and make
> it one color.  Basically, any color red, yellow, ...
> would be made say, blue.  Any transparent or white
> pixels are transparent. 

Have you tried this?

1.  Duplicate the layer you want to play with.
2.  In the duplicate layer, use <Image>/<Colors>/Desaturate to make it a
pseudo grayscale image.
3.  Select a monochrome gradient (e.g., blue to white or blue to
4.  Use <Filters>/<Colors>/<MAP>/Gradient Map
and hey, presto!

You may wish to start by using the color-to-alpha filter first to
convert the white pixels to transparent, say as step 2a, if you really
want transparency.



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