Le 15.02.2004 17:52, Adam Gautier a écrit :
I have a newbie question; so please be forgiving with
my terminology.  I want to take a color image and make
it one color.  Basically, any color red, yellow, ...
would be made say, blue.  Any transparent or white
pixels are transparent.  I tried converting to
grey-scale as a first step.  Now, I don't know how to
get the blue color into the image.  I tried selecting
sections by color and replacing but that looked
horible.  Is it possible to not just end up with a
matte, all blue image, when I am done. It would be
great if when converting to one color the different
colors were preserved (red converts to blue and yellow
gets converted to a lighter blue).  I hope this makes

I am looking for a script ore something that could
automate this process.  Any suggedtions would be
great.  Again, I am a newbie so please make any
responses easy to follow.

Thank-you in advance.

Maybe you can have a try to : right clic -> Tools -> Color TOols -> Colorize And there you can choose the hue / saturation / brightness

                        - Jean-Luc

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