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McNamara, Paul (P.S.) wrote:
A simple question about the release of version 2.0. Approximately how long after the UNIX version will the Windows version be available?

As of about 18 months ago, the exact same source code builds on Win32 and on Linux/unix/MacOS X. So when the GIMP is released, the source code for all versions will be available.

However, up to this point, the project has never prepared "official" binaries for any platform. All GIMP binaries are unofficial - even those for Linux. Some convenience files are included in CVS (for example, the gimp.spec for RedHat builds), but binary versions become available as the various maintainers/packagers make them available.

The Windows port maintainer is Tor Lillqvist, and the Win32 installer packages are provided by Jernej Simoncic. Perhaps Tor and Jernej could say if they plan to make Windows binaries directly after the 2.0 release - recently releases have been made available within a week of the source release, apart from for pre3, which still isn't available as an installer.

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