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> A book cover consists of three panels, from left to right: 
> the back cover, the spine and the front cover. I plan to 
> lay these out on three separate images and knit them 
> together.  It is simple in Gimp to make each panel the 
> exact dimensions needed. What is not so easy is to line 
> them up exactly, left to right, with no overlap and no 
> space in between. Vertical alignment is also critical. 

You don't actually have to split first then rejoin.  You can do it all
as one big image and then, if necessary, split it.  I did that for my
first GIMP book, The Artists Guide to the GIMP.  I've also done it for
some CD covers.

> Is there a way, other than drag and drop, to accomplish this 
> precise alignment?  Is snap to grid the best tool or is 
> there another way? 

There are some layer alignment tools in GIMP 1.2, but I found them less
than ideal for many of my situations.  You can find them in the Layers
menu (in the Canvas menu) at the bottom of the menu under "Align Visible
Layers...".  I ended up writing GFXLayers, which provides visual
interaction and a host of ways to align layers.  Interestingly, this
seems to be the plugin I use more than of the others I've written.  I
didn't realize how important it would be to me.  GFXLayers is part of
the Graphics Muse Tools CD (www.graphics-muse.com/gfxmuse/gfxmuse.html)

If you have the memory, however, doing all the work in a single image is
highly preferrable.  I just think its far easier to work that way.

I also haven't looked at how layer alignment tools may have improved in
2.0 yet - I just haven't been using 2.0 much yet.
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