On Wednesday 10 March 2004 10:21 pm, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> John Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > How do I change the rulers to measure in inches? The
> > instructions in the manual are obsolete, and the gimprc
> > file has no reference that I can find to the units of
> > measure for the rulers.
> The instructions in the manual are obsolete? What manual?
> When it comes to units, GIMP-2.0 behaves exactly like
> GIMP-1.2. As long as View->Dot for Dot is choosen, the
> rulers show pixels, if Dot-for-Dot mode is turned off,
> all lenghts are displayed in the image's unit.
I was referring to the book "The Gimp User's Manual." It 
lists in Appendix A a version of the gimprc file with the 
following lines in it:
# Not adjustable in the Preferences Dialog
# Ruler units
# The units of rules can be one of : (pixels inches 
# (ruler-units pixels)

This is on page 794. I could not find  similar lines in the 
current version of gimprc.

The change you recommend above works. Thanks. 

The "Gimp Users Manual" is huge and hugely useful. But as 
the product continues to grow and change some update or 
addendum will be needed. "Grokking the Gimp" is more up to 
date but is also obsolete. An addendum would be easiest to 
prepare because it could be based on the change history.

I do recognize the size of the effort involved.  If someone 
furnishes me raw text and graphics I can do the 

John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers
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