I have Gimp 2.0pre4 installed in SuSE 9.0 on a 733 coppermine P6. When I
use the drop-down menu, File -> Open, with the file-type Automatic, and
select a file to open which has not been previewed, the file open dialog
hangs.  It also changes hi-lite to gray.  After approx 5 minutes, I can
close the dialog, but, when re-opening the dialog to select a file, the
dialog remains grayed-out.  Re-opening Gimp returns normal control of the

If the file has been previewed, the selection works properly.  If I try
to preview a file which has not been previously previewed, the selection
dialog hangs.

I can open files successfully if I first select the file type from the

The file selection dialog hanging does not hang Gimp.  I am still able to
work with previously opened files, open recently used files, or use any
other option in the drop-down menu.

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